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  • “You’re a Real Estate Rock Star.”

    —Michael Zizzo

  • “Thank you for all of the hard work you continue to do with the Sponsorship Task Force.”

    —Steve Bunce

  • “Robert's seminars are informative of course; but inspiring as well.”

    —Dave Churchill

  • “I just wanted to again let you know that I really enjoy the monthly sales training forums that you have so generously provided for the HBA members!”

    —Carol L. Rod

  • “Thank you for your kindness and larger-than-life enthusiasm; it's contagious by the way, which is great! ”

    —Andrea L. Johnson

  • “Robert has a tremendous wealth of knowledge to share that gets results in the real world.”

    —Jeff Rickard

  • “I can't tell you how much I enjoyed [105 Ideas for the Year 2005. Thank you for great information and wonderful enthusiasm.”

    —Diane Oster

  • “Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do on the Home Tech course and for NAHB in general!”

    —Jennifer Johnson

  • “Thank you for taking time out of your day at Spring Boards to advise me on how to most effectively navigate NAHB. You are obviously extremely well informed and totally connected.”

    —David Miles

  • “No one - and I mean no one - has more new home experience in the area of marketing than Robert.”

    —David P. Tschetter

  • “I highly recommend S. Robert August and the North Star Synergies team.”

    —Cory Sher

  • “Your course, Sales and Marketing for Remodelers, was very informative and engaging. Thank you again.”

    —Lynn Bigelow

  • “Over the years S. Robert has inspired countless people in the homebuilding and real estate industries to perform at a higher level in their careers. ”

    —Doug Partington

  • “Robert has taught me not only industry information, but he was also someone that I watched and listened to at every turn, and I am a better person because of him.”

    —Regina Serna

  • “Just a note to thank you for all you are doing for Children's Diabetes Foundation...Thank are so appreciated by everyone.”

    —Sally Newcomb

  • “Thank you so much for the excellent job you did as the emcee of the Best of 50+ Housing Awards! You kept the show moving along with just the right mix of industry knowledge and witty anecdotes.”

    —Anne Ladewig

  • “We look forward to attending another seminar in the future; your insight is invaluable.”

    —Shanna Strotheide

  • “You have a lot of energy and enthusiasm and your ideas will be extremely helpful for me.”

    —Deborah Jackson

  • “I have known Robert for over 10 years, and his willingness to roll up his sleeves and get to work has been unwavering.”

    —David Lewis

  • “Thank you for a great program in Northern Colorado. I think we made a very positive impact on our audience of builders and on our own team.”

    —Ken Rhoades

  • “They are excellent problem solvers who have the ability to adapt successful programs geared to client relationships, and their successes attest to their abilities.”

    —Mark Paris

  • “Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious and I found myself captivated by each word.”

    —Michele L. Yurcich

  • “The advice and stories today made my day a whole lot better and really gave me some insight on customers.”

    —Tanya Olvera

  • “Thank you again for your expert advice.”

    —Adam Grossman

  • “I enjoy hearing [Robert] speak, and always come away with helpful tools which I have carried back to my companies.”

    —Todd Gamboa

  • “As always Robert, I appreciate your continued support and positive messages. It never goes unnoticed or unappreciated.”

    —Peter Garvin

  • “Thank you S. Robert! You are great! We look forward to recommending you again with complete and utter confidence and pride!”

    —Georganne Derick

  • “I enjoyed your presentation tremendously. The stories that you use in your presentation makes it a lot easier to relate the information to real life scenarios.”

    —Stuart Hilgenberg

  • “Robert has been a mentor and inspiration to me for many years.”

    —Mary DeWalt

  • “Your seminars are always excellent.”

    —Frank J. Rod

  • “You were my first IRM course instructor, your enthusiasm and knowledge were instrumental in me going forward.”

    —Barry Rutenberg

  • “Robert is always fired up and a huge inspiration to me!”

    —Duane Duggan

  • “I really appreciate the opportunity to learn from someone with your knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry.”

    —David Hitchingham

  • “Thank you again, for taking the time to give these seminars and for sharing your passion with us!”

    —Layli Springer

  • “You have an awesome personality that pulls at people in a positive way! In addition, your podium speech was excellent and got folks revved up!”

    —Carroll Bogard

  • “Your approaches to prospective buyers in the newly constructed home arena were great.”

    —Barbara Curwood

  • “I appreciate your most excellent guidance and tutelage.”

    —Jeff Villano

  • “I enjoyed your seminar on prospecting and as a result, I have received a referral. Thank you.”

    —Jessica Lansing

  • “Thanks for your kind words and for doing such a terrific job! I have heard great comments about our rally yesterday.”

    —Patrick S. Sullivan

  • “Thank you for the seminar on moving inventory in a difficult market. I'm sure the audience got a lot of great tools from it.”

    —Shirley Rouse

  • “[Robert August is] such a dynamic force within the HBA and building community.”

    —Brian Workman

  • “You make me want to be better and work harder. May we continue to have this much fun as we build this forward.”

    —Smokey Imes

  • “Robert is a dynamic person with a solid grasp of the real estate industry.”

    —Rochelle Barcellona

  • “Thank you for all that you do to help educate professionals and community members...”

    —Jan Dowker

  • “Thank you for a great seminar and all your help growing my business.”

    —Stephanie Beninati

  • “Thanks for all your help and support getting off the ground.”

    —Jerry Rouleau

  • “Robert is an energetic and enthusiastic professional who always goes the extra mile to support and help others be successful in their business.”

    —Carolyn Hess

  • “I really appreciate the perspective you bring as a seasoned sales professional. I look forward to future seminars.”

    —James T. Henderson

  • “I want to offer a sincere thank you for giving me the desire to take myself to a higher level of achievement.”

    —Steve Nunn

  • “Thank you for your inspiring IRM leadership. It is a pleasure and privilege to attend and serve with you.”

    —Bonnie Alfriend

  • “Thanks again for a GREAT presentation.”

    —Allen Peterson

  • “Just tuned in for the 3/17/09 BuilderRadio Webinar and enjoyed it.”

    —Steve Turner

  • “Thank you for providing such a stimulating hour of Prospecting Information for those attending your class.”

    —Karla Dimond

  • “It is a privilege and a luxury to listen and learn from you.”

    —Karen M. Boos

  • “IRM III was truly a pleasure! Bravo!”

    —Cailin Willey

  • “Thank you for your ENORMOUS, COUNTLESS, GENUINE, TERRIFIC, INVALUABLE contributions.”

    —Maria Nande

  • “Robert is a very talented marketer and business person.”

    —Randy Carpenter

  • “I enjoyed your class and definitely feel like I picked up some information that will prove useful in my business.”

    —Ryan Farabough

  • “You are the force that moves me to action.”

    —Bonnie Alfriend

  • “The pearls of wisdom you provided to both of us are invaluable and will have a great effect on both of our careers.”

    —Rebeca Barvin

  • “A great deal of my successful activities over the last 25 years has been due to many, many mentoring sessions with you, the KING of Relationship-building, marketing, and consultive sales.”

    —Jack Zelkin

  • “I just wanted to thank you for teaching one of the best classes I have taken at DU.”

    —Andrew Giamberardino

  • “You did a great job presenting solid sales & marketing tips and techniques to help NAHB members thrive in this changing market.”

    —Michael Copp & Wil Heslop

  • “Thanks for the great inspiration to sharpen my tools on July 2006 in San Ramon, CA at the 'How to Market Your Homes in a Slow Market' seminar!”

    —Gregory K. Zoeller

  • “It was incredibly gracious of you to help out/provide a breather for me during the CAASH certification course!”

    —Larry D. Armstrong

  • “It goes without saying that you have had a profound impact on me and many others throughout our industry.”

    —Andy Brown

  • “Your generous help without any expectation is not found often.”

    —Pam Keller

  • “Thank you so much for your time and effort to put these meetings on for the benefit of myself and my sales staff.”

    —Peter Dimond

  • “Whenever I need marketing assistance, there is only one company our team turns to: North Star Synergies, Inc.”

    —Ray Baker

  • “Kudos for the superb job you did on October 17, 2007 on the call-in NSMC Sponsorship Workshops.”

    —Jeffrey Jenkins

  • “Robert's Saturday sales training sessions were amazing! The stuff of Legend! He would role-play you until you thought you were REALLY doing it.”

    —Chuck Cusumano

  • “I’d like to take the opportunity to say how much I have respected, admired and valued you as a peer and expert and friend.”

    —Roger Hickok

  • “Quite honestly I think the world of Robert. I think he's one of the most positive, intelligent, professional, knowledgeable, honest and REAL people I know.”

    —Maria Nande

  • “Thank you for your outstanding work.”

    —Khevin Pratt

  • “Energy, ideas, solutions, and experience best describe North Star Synergies, Inc.”

    —Martin F. Russell

  • “Robert is forever a consummate communicator.”

    —Ben Graebel

  • “[North Star Synergies'] 'depth of field' in understanding the challenges facing the housing industry is without peer.”

    —Jeffrey H. Whiton

  • “Mr. August is an outstanding sales and marketing educator, an active engaging speaker with a real concern for sales, marketing and corporate professionals.”

    —Kelly G. May

  • “You are as dynamic and ‘electric’ as I remember. Thank you for your time, the referrals, the mentoring, and your energy.”

    —Angie Elliott

  • “Thank you for being a great marketing management consulting firm to deal with.”

    —Carrie Bayer

  • “I always enjoy sharing the podium with [S. Robert August], but most of all, I enjoy [his] enthusiasm.”

    —Kay Green

  • “Your support & encouragement means so much to me. You are the best!”

    —Betsy Russell

  • “S. Robert August was able to effectively convey the value of our MAME Awards to our members. His exuberance engaged all that attended this useful seminar.”

    —BJ Tripp

  • “I find your lexicon and usage of the English language a refreshing change from the vernacular, particularly when you said to a young lady: ‘This will titillate the fancy of your mental genius.’”

    —Jesse Benitez

  • “Working with Robert has been truly remarkable.”

    —John Kristjanson

  • “Thank you for offering your insight and guidance to me and the other members of the HBA who are wise enough to capitalize on these opportunities you are presenting.”

    —Lisa Lockwood

  • “What you did in a few hours would have been impossible for Jewish Family Service to accomplish in a few months or years, if at all!”

    —Yana Vishnitsky

  • “Your boundless energy, hard work, intelligence, wisdom, experience and wit are greatly appreciated by everyone but, especially by me.”

    —Dan Levitan

  • “I personally wish to thank you for being so accommodating and understanding with our organization's needs.”

    —Tamara Day

  • “Thanks for all the work your staff did for my company. The brochure is beautiful and the new corporate imagery (stationery, business cards, etc.) really hit the mark in representing my company.”

    —Andy Ades

  • “Your words will resonate with me and I hope to reiterate them with as much effectiveness as you did.”

    —Caroline Swift

  • “It was a real pleasure getting to soak up the information you provided at the IRM II course in Boise, Idaho.”

    —Nik Rebhuhn

  • “You have such a genius entrepreneurial mind, loads of energy, and a kind heart.”

    —Rosemarie Rossetti

  • “I wanted to thank you so much for your enthusiasm and knowledge that you brought to the IRM III course on November 14 and 15, 2006. The multitude of new ideas and contacts will be invaluable to my career.”

    —Alan Smith

  • “I've been amazed at your practical insights for builders.”

    —Paul Foresman

  • “Your class opened my eyes to so many ideas that we can use in marketing our design services and also to better assist builders.”

    —Kristin Goff, ASID

  • “Robert, just wanted to drop a BIG THANK YOU for coming to the SMC meeting this morning; it turned out exactly as I was planning and hoping for!”

    —Jay H. Peterson

  • “You never cease to amaze me with your energy and personality! Every talk you give is always worth the time.”

    —Jason Bailey

  • “Thank you for everything. Your support means so much to me and I am really learning a lot from you!”

    —Jo Ann Morgan-Charles

  • “Your seminar and instruction on Prospecting and Cold-Call Selling was very insightful for me, particularly as I grow my business.”

    —Joshua Grayck

  • “Robert August is one of the nation’s leading new home motivational machines!”

    —Brian Flook

  • “Thanks again for the excellent and very timely work effort from you and your team!”

    —Roger Cohen

  • “Thank you for all you do! It has been a pleasure working with you, and I appreciate the ‘heart’ you have for our charity!”

    —Susie Hummell

  • “I found the First Time Home Buyer Federal Tax Credit Webinar a great source of information, and have been able to officially wrap my head around this tax credit.”

    —Keisha Hoar

  • “I just wanted to 'thank you' once again for your continued support and tell you how much I appreciate the foreword that you wrote for Selling at the Bottom of the Market.”

    —John A. Palumbo

  • “S. Robert August is 'Mr. Enthusiasm' and he is nationally known within NAHB and the building industry for being a hands-on, no nonsense trainer, educator and motivator.”

    —Jack Gallagher

  • “I want to thank you for the outstanding presentation in Loveland at the BMC West meeting. I learned more in that meeting than any real estate meeting I have attended.”

    —Rick Scharf

  • “I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the class and, especially, you as an instructor. Your experience and 'stories' were just really incredible teaching tools and I am amazed at the exposure and information that we covered in two days.”

    —Melissa Wimberly

  • “S. Robert is a tireless advocate for the home building industry and I consider myself fortunate to know him.”

    —Steve Ormonde

  • “I have honored you, Robert, for 30 years; and your character, integrity, and friendship have always been constant and stellar. It is with privilege that I call you a friend.”

    —Terry Vitale

  • “Robert is a highly energized and extremely knowledgeable person in his industry with insights second to none.”

    —Greg Ciliberti

  • “I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the time you spent with everyone at the HBA of Metro Denver on January 9, 2008.”

    —Dan Stringer

  • “It was pleasure attending your course. I gained some valuable insight and knowledge!”

    —Dave Pascua

  • “Thank you so much for such an amazing experience at the IBS Show. I think I learned more in two days at IRM II than I have in two years!”

    —Demi Clark

  • “Thank you again for your thoughts and ideas on how to grow our business.”

    —Bonnie McMillan

  • “I am extremely grateful to have Robert's acquaintance. He is enormously knowledgeable and accomplished.”

    —Scott DeGarmo

  • “I was excited and enthused to come back to my office and staff and start implementing as many of the ‘tips’ and practices that I could.”

    —Klea Jones

  • “I truly appreciate going back to basics once a month with you. I always gain something extremely valuable.”

    —Barbara Stern

  • “There are few in the homebuilding industry as connected as Robert August.”

    —Blair Kuhnen

  • “I am always blown away by the energy Robert exudes and the motivation he inspires in me.”

    —Dan Diffenderfer

  • “I always glean pertinent information from your classes and try to put it into use immediately.”

    —Brian Auer

  • “You are an exceptional speaker and truly have the ability to not only motivate people but also to make them think!”

    —Cris Uhlenhopp

  • “Thank you for your in depth presentation. We have received a lot of very positive feedback.”

    —Doug Whiting

  • “S. Robert August is the most effective marketing professional and motivational speaker because of his energy, experience, and ability to relate to individuals.”

    —K. T. Catlin

  • “Another FANTASTIC presentation at the 2008 International Builders’ Show.”

    —Paul Campbell

  • “I was fortunate to have taken a couple of IRM courses a few years ago where you were one of the teachers. Since then, whenever I think of a MIRM, you immediately come to mind.”

    —David M. Phaff

  • “Thank you for all of your help. You really do go above and beyond and I can’t thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do for us and the NSMC!”

    —Sarah Gell

  • “I can't imagine having a more wonderful promoter than you and just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate it.”

    —Mary DeWalt

  • “Your endless supply of enthusiasm and knowledge never cease to amaze me.”

    —Alan Grimes

  • “Robert August, Chair of the Membership Committee, has done a phenomenal job in assembling a group that is dedicated to accomplishing the task of growing the HBA going forward.”

    —Roger Reinhart

  • “Everything that I learn from you has been very helpful.”

    —Mary Hiatt Dow

  • “Thanks again for today’s presentation. I walked away with some useful tools that will help immediately with my conversations with potential buyers.”

    —John Guilliams

  • “I will definitely be calling North Star Synergies. Thank you for everything.”

    —Michelle Leahy

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